Asahi Europe


  • 1954 : Creation of Applications Industrielles du Diamant in France
  • 1959 : Company changes its name to Triefus, a British family group
  • 1964 : Relocation to Chartres, France
  • 1974 : Creation of a 2nd production unit in Chartres (France)
  • 1984 : Asahi Diamond becomes part of Triefus
  • 2014 : 60 years of expertise


Key figures

  • Head office and 2 production sites in Chartres, France
  • 130 staff
  • 16 million € turnover
  • 10% yearly investment
Dominique Bourges, Président ASAHI Europe

Message from the President
Shape and share innovation


« Asahi Diamond is one of the worlds's leading manufacturers of superabrasive diamond and cubic boron nitride. First manufacturer in Japan, the Asahi Diamond Group is distinguished by the high quality of its products and its ability to innovate.
Asahi Diamond Industrial Europe S.A.S. is the only European subsidiary based in France. 130 people produce and market Asahi Diamond products.
With sales teams in most European countries and a subsidiary in Germany, we are developing our expertise little by little every day for our customers.
Our motto "Shape and share innovation" permits us to mobilize competences within our group, develop projects with our customers and thereby become an essential player in superabrasives on our continent.»



Asahi Diamond Industrial Europe S.A.S., an essential partner for diamond tools and cBN applications.

A subsidiary of a Japanese company, Asahi Diamond Industrial Europe S.A.S. manufactures and markets a broad range of superabrasive products throughout the European market.
The focus of the company is to maximize satisfaction and performance for its clients in various industries, such as automotive, aerospace, mechanics, glass and construction. In order to do so, Development at production sites in Chartres (France) with decades of experience, develop technical tools to increase productivity. Great technological advances allow us to offer reliable and innovative products.