Our motto « Shape and share innovation », supported by our strategy Global Performance Improvement, represents our aim to build and share ideas, projects and future. Our global vision is clearly oriented to serve our customers. Involvement of all employees is a key factor for the success of this approach. We have to have common values, provided by our QHSE and Purchasing Policies, integrating LEAN Management.

Vision / Missions / Values :

Our Vision is:

  • To be recognised as the leading brand for superabrasives in Europe

Our Missions are:

  • Supply high quality products to fully realise your projects
  • Offer our service using our talent, skill and expertise
  • Respect user integrity with safe products
  • Guarantee our profitability and sustainability


Our values are:

  • Honesty, sincerity, integrity, ethics
  • A commitment to quality products
  • Protection of people and the environment
  • A will to succeed together


QHSE Policy

Quality, Health, Safety and the Environment are priority issues to which we pay particular care. Our QHSE system must evolve in a spirit of continuous improvement. It determines our Integrated Management System and leads us to rethink our strategy continuously integrating all business services.

Our QHSE policy incorporates both quality and hygiene of products and services, continuous process improvement, working conditions, staff health and safety, and the preservation of the environment. For this, we have implemented a system of Integrated Management according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards.

To carry out QHSE policy, we are committed to providing the company with sufficient resources and maintaining all our employees.

QHSE Policy

Certificate ISO 9001

Certificate ISO 14001

Asahi Production System

LEAN approach is part of the global strategy of the company. Training on methods, employees involvement, tools setting up, show that LEAN management is motivating in continuous improvement in Asahi Diamond Europe.

The target of LEAN management is the company performance improvement. For that, we point on three factors :

  • Insure the best quality,
  • Obtain the lowest cost price,
  • In the shortest time.

This performance triangle constitutes the roof of our Asahi Production System.


Asahi Production System

Purchasing Policy :

Our purchasing policy ensures security of supply to the company and satisfaction of our customers internally and externally in accordance with ISO 9001. Our purchasing strategy has been developed in line with the group strategy and is based on three pillars: quality, to ensure high quality products for our customers; costs, to make purchases at best cost and get the best price / quality ratio; and finally delivery time, to keep our commitments to our customers and meet our delivery times.

As part of our purchasing policy, we are committed, through anticipating needs, evaluation of suppliers, or by establishing sustainable partnerships with them, to have everything in place to accomplish our missions